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We truly admire your strength and courage.

We are Scott, Kristen, and Carly.
We appreciate you taking the time to read through our profile to learn more about who we are. We cannot imagine the decision before you, but we are so grateful that you are considering what all your options may look like for you and your baby. We understand this decision will impact you and your child's life, and this will be one of the toughest decisions you will ever be faced with. We truly admire your strength and courage. As parents, we know and understand the unconditional love and bond you feel with your child. This child is a true blessing and considering an adoption plan demonstrates this love. We hope you find the answers you are looking for to help navigate you through your decision. If you decide to proceed with an adoption plan, we know this will be a difficult journey that no one will know what to expect. It will not be easy. We hope we can be part of your journey and help ease your fears and anxiety. We are committed to creating a relationship that works for everyone, and we will ensure your child knows you and how much you love them. Regardless of your decision, please know we are praying for you.
About Us

We have been married for more than fifteen wonderful years and we still have so much fun together.

We feel the time we spent together has made us better people and better parents.
We met more than twenty years ago at an investment company where we were both working. We were in training together and met on our first day at a new employee meet and greet. Scott was the first person to walk up and introduce himself to Kristen. While talking, we both instantly knew there was a connection. We were friends for a year before we started dating. We dated for nearly four years before marrying in 2004. We have been married for more than fifteen wonderful years and we still have so much fun together. We discovered early on that we were great travel companions. While dating, we enjoyed traveling to places like Las Vegas, Key West, Miami (or anywhere with a beautiful pool), trying new restaurants, seeing concerts, and just enjoying one another's company. After we got married, our goal was to travel for five years before settling down and starting a family. Seven years later we had our daughter, Carly. We are so happy to have accomplished our travel goal, to experience new places, people, and culture. We feel the time we spent together has made us better people and better parents. Why Adoption We have a daughter who is 8 and her name is Carly. When Carly was around three years old, we tried to have another biological child. After suffering three miscarriages, it was clear to us that having another child naturally would not be the path for us. We immediately decided on exploring our options with adoption versus pursuing alternative methods like IVF. We would love for our daughter Carly to grow up with a sibling. Carly would love nothing more than to have a sibling. We have also seen a very positive experience with adoption as Scott's sister and her husband adopted a beautiful baby girl named Remi, who is now 5-years old. Watching Remi grow to be vibrant, smart, healthy, and an active little girl has helped validate our feelings of adoption.
Meet Kristen

Kristen is intelligent, funny, and loving.

My comfort food is coffee. I would rather have a cup of coffee over a slice of cake.
I was born in New Jersey, but my parents moved to Texas when I was two-years-old to start their own business. My heritage is half Estonian and half Hungarian. I graduated from a University in Texas with a degree in Marketing, but I currently work as a Director of Web Implementation for an Investment company. I like having a schedule and would consider myself a morning person. The reason for this is so I can get up early and get things done. Scott tells me that I can't sit still for long, and he's right. I enjoy cleaning, but I don't consider myself a "neat freak" by any means. I just like to come home to a house that is tidy. So, I do have a hard time leaving the house if the bed is not made, and the sink is full of dishes. Some of my hobbies include party planning and holiday decorating. I love decorating the inside and outside of the house for all the major holidays. I find much enjoyment in putting together the details for birthday parties and family gatherings. Another thing I like to do is plan our vacations and all the special details that will be included.
Meet Scott

Scott is structured, funny, and curious.

I am a huge sports fan, especially college sports and baseball.
I was born and raised in Texas and graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Marketing. I am a proud Baylor Bear. I grew up playing sports and was good at basketball. I have an older sister who is 4- years older than I am. My parents and sister live locally, which we love. We come from Scottish and Irish decent. I would consider myself a well-organized, curious person who researches everything. Kristen thinks I am google's number one website visitor. I love to learn new things and broaden my knowledge as much as possible. In recent years, I left my career in the Investment industry to pursue my passion for opening my own Insurance Agency. Providing products to people in my community that help manage the risks of everyday life is rewarding to me. Even so, my number one priority is my family. I love to be around Kristen, Carly, and our extended family as much as possible.
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